Project Description

The aim of this project is to get the ‘Consumer Price Index’ in real time. We develop some tools and we use these tools to get our results. These results are a great tool to the investors because they can see in real time the price evolution of a good, of a baskets of goods or even of a specific category of goods.


  • We used a database from ‘Price grabber’ to do this analysis
  • We managed the data
  • We created a basket of goods to see the evolution of the prices

2014 case

Let’s consider that we have these following products in our basket of goods. We can see the evolution of the price of each good during the year and also the evolution of the mean prices of these four goods in 2014.

Sample of Goods

Source: Price Graber and Mondo International

Prices Evolution

Here is the plot showing the price evolution of our four goods. The red line shows us the mean price of our four goods together.