International and Macro Data

Global Indicators and international data can be found on several different websites, but can they really be compared? Mondo is the only platform where you can actually find, compare, and contextualize all these indicators.

Clusters and Global Value Chains

As an academic tool, Mondo puts an emphasis on calling into questions the most common indicators and analytical frameworks. In a context of global economy, we think it is important to deliver you the most accurate data about clusters and global value chains.

High-Frequency and Unstructured Data

All these indicators and macro data might look like old-school analysis, and there are other available tools for Data Scientists. That’s why our researchers also focus on what the world wide web can offer us: a great deal of unstructured, frequently updated, scattered datasets.

International Business

Mondo International is not just about data. We have a professional and academic expertise in International Business. Our research in that field allows us:
- to have a global view, so that we can better contextualize our data;
- to use the latest academic frameworks to carry out our analyses;
- to be innovative in everything we do.

In-depth analysis, global content, systemic approach